Healthy. Accessible. Delicious.

Founded in 2016 to fulfill a need for fresh and flavorful plant-centric dining options, Frutta Bowls has since grown from its original location in Freehold, New Jersey to achieve a much grander vision, with new restaurant locations popping up ‘virtually’ everywhere!

You see the secret to its success is that Frutta Bowls is about more than our colorful superfoods, we make ‘healthy’ fun and accessible while we celebrate your uniqueness. Frutta Bowls represents more than just a meal or snack to curb an appetite for the moment – it serves as “fuel” to stoke the burning passions of your life.

Our Time Is Now!

Frutta Bowls is at the confluence of significant and overlapping GROWTH trends.

Based upon demographics, psychographics, lifestyle and convenience trends, Frutta Bowls is perfectly suited for future growth.

Whether you are 7 or 70, Dairy-Free, Vegan or just craving an indulgent treat, there is something for everyone at Frutta. While not “health food” per se, Frutta Bowls is leading a movement to promote a healthy, active lifestyle that will not only benefit your life but help to enrich the communities in which we live… one bowl… one smoothie… one bite… at a time!

To help you live your best life, NOW is the time to

Offering dine-in, takeaway, online ordering, delivery and catering, our guests can enjoy a Frutta Bowls experience how, when and where they want it.

Key Menu Offerings


From Acai to Zinc, Frutta Bowls uses only the freshest, ripest and most flavorful plant-based, whole-food ingredients from Mother Nature’s bounty — farm to bowl (or smoothie)! In fact, our Acai, Pitaya and Kale bases are made fresh in-house every day. We recognize that food is just one piece of this puzzle and that personal growth, education and inspiration are also important to staying fresh and evolving. Whether you are pursuing a healthy. active lifestyle – or maybe just want a refreshing pick-me-up – a balanced combination of our vitamin-rich superfood ingredients can help you live life to its fullest. To pursue your passions with energy and vigor, you must

More than just nourishing your body, Frutta Bowls has the capacity to enrich your mind and spirit as well as the world around you. A positive attitude – combined with the benefits of proper nutrition and exercise – can improve your brain health. Vitamin-rich superfoods such as Acai, Pitaya and Kale are high in antioxidants, while Almonds, Blueberries Oatmeal and Dark Chocolate have been proven to boost immunity levels.
To help you live your best life, it’s important to BE HEALTHY.

Let’s Get Started

Ready to bring freshness, originality, and “WOW” moments to your community? For more information about franchise opportunities with Frutta Bowls, fill out the form below or drop us a line at (610) 831-4054 to get started.